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White 3 LED Blast Surface Mounted Directional Warning Strobe- Covert Series - LEDDBLAST-W

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The Ledd Blast 3 is a surface-mounted strobe featuring three potent LEDs, known for their impressive brightness. It comes with 12 selectable flash patterns, offering adaptability for different scenarios. As part of the covert series, these units are discrete and come with an optional black snap-on shroud, enhancing their stealthy profile.

Dimensions (of lamp): 25.4mm (L) x 17mm (H) x 39.8mm (Diameter)

Dimensions (with cover): 46.7mm (L) x 17mm (H)

Key Features:

  • 17mm super low-profile thickness
  • Internal installation in vehicle with 1" cut out
  • External surface mount on vehicle body with flange
  • Mount within the headlight cluster for covert use or surface mount with the use of the plastic shroud.
  • Snap-on mounting flange design
  • Meets SAE class 1 regardless of mounting orientation
  • 12 flash patterns
  • 12/24V
  • Multiple units can be synced simultaneously or with alternating flashes
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • Approval: SAE J595 Class 1 (R,A,B,W) ; CA13 Class B (R,B) 
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • LEDs: 3 x high power LEDs
  • Flash Patterns: 12
  • Voltage: 12/24V
  • Average Current: 0.24A @ 12V / 0.12A @ 24V (varies with flash pattern)
  • Average Power: 2.82 Watts (varies with flash pattern)
  • Max Current: 0.47A @ 12V / 0.24A @ 24V
  • Max Power: 5.65 Watts
  • Wires: Red-Vcc: 20cm (24AWG) / Black-GND: 20cm (24AWG) / Yellow-Flash Pattern: 20cm (24AWG)
  • Recommended Fuse: 2A
  • Max To Sync Together: Over 15 lamps
  • Colours Available: amber, blue, clear or red
  • Part no: LEDDBLAST3 or FAL03