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Lightcomm Logo

Welcome to LightComm, the beacon for agricultural connectivity. Our journey began with the merger of RadioTrader's expertise in communication technology and Tool and Light's excellence in lighting and safety equipment. United by a shared dedication to agriculture, we've forged a unique one-stop hub for the farming community.

At LightComm, we understand the challenges of modern farming. Our suite of products, from robust LED lighting and durable workwear to state-of-the-art two-way radios, is designed to support the hardworking farmer through all conditions. Our lighting solutions extend your working day from early dewy mornings to late-night harvests, ensuring productivity never dims. Our work boots, tried and tested against time and terrain, stand ready to walk alongside you, mile after mile. And for seamless communication across vast fields, our two-way radios serve as your reliable connection.

More than just a provider of products, we see ourselves as partners in your farming journey. We're here to listen, advise, and support, committed to fostering efficiency and prosperity in agriculture. Join us as we move forward, sharing insights, updates, and stories that resonate with the heart of farming. LightComm is more than a name—it's our pledge to light the way and communicate the route to success for every farmer in our community.