Collection: Trusted Brands

At LightComm, we take pride in our strong partnerships with industry-leading brands such as Hytera, Motorola, Crawer, and more. Each partner has been carefully selected to complement our commitment to quality and reliability. On this page, you'll find an overview of our esteemed partners, each contributing to our diverse range of top-tier products. Explore the brands that help us deliver excellence to you, our valued customers.

Brands We Trust

  • Crawer

    Crawer work lights, where each piece is a testament to enduring brilliance and bespoke craftsmanship.Our curated selection of Crawer work lights offers you a wide spectrum of choices to meet any lighting need. Whether it’s ensuring that your trailer stands out in a crowded lot or your truck is equipped for the toughest night jobs, Crawer’s work lights provide ample lighting.

  • Hytera

    Hytera's selection of two-way radios is ideally suited for the unique demands of farming and agriculture. Engineered for durability and reliability, these radios ensure clear, uninterrupted communication across vast fields and rural landscapes. With features tailored to withstand the elements and the rigors of agricultural work, Hytera's two-way radios are an essential tool for farmers.

  • Motorola

    Motorola's line of two-way radios brings unparalleled communication to the farming and agriculture sector. Known for their clear sound quality, these radios are built to perform in the diverse conditions of agricultural environments. Motorola understands the critical need for reliable communication in expansive fields and challenging rural areas, making their radios an invaluable asset.

  • Kenwood

    Our Kenwood range of radios has been hand selected buy our team to meet your farming needs. They are designed to give you great coverage on the fields and open areas so you never lose contact with your team throughout the work day. These radios also come with a tested design to suite any of your working conditions be it wind or rain.

  • Olivers

    The same entrepreneurial streak which marked the establishment of the business in 1887 continues today with Oliver Footwear building on its commitment to manufacture quality footwear. Product research and development to address the needs and demands of tough workplace safety environments will  always be a central part of our company philosophy.

  • Economy Range

    Shop for affordable radio accessories that match perfectly with the radios sold on LightComm. Make your radios more efficient for a cheaper price through our economy range.