Introducing Oliver Workboots

Key Features

  • Resistant to Oils, Fats and Acids

    Oliver soles are resistant to organic oils and fats. They are also resistant to most mineral oils, acids and alkaline. Excellent for agriculture and industrial working conditions.

  • NatureForm Type 1 Toe Cap

    The Oliver cap has a wide profile to suit your foot and features a latex cushion liner to ensure comfort and no contact with the cap. Caps are tested to a force of 200 Joule.

  • Slip Resistant Sole

    The Oliver soles have excellent slip resistance which exceeds European Standard EN344, SATRA slip test method PM144 standard. Ensuring optimum grip in even the worst weather.

Other Features

High-quality work boots and safety shoes for workers in a range of industries such as mining, construction, and agriculture.  Our Oliver range of safety footwear provides comfort, safety and durability in rugged work environments.
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