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Tait T02-00026-2001 U Cradle for TM9000 and TM8000

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Brand: Tait
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Brand Code: T02-00026-2001
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The Tait T02-00026-2001 U Cradle is a specialized installation hardware designed to securely mount a range of Tait radio models in vehicles. This U Cradle is specifically engineered to ensure optimal airflow around the radio body, facilitating cooling and preventing overheating during extended use. It's essential for users to select the appropriate cable from the Cables section separately, as the cradle comes without cables included.

Key Features:

  • Installation Hardware: Designed for secure mounting, ensuring the radio stays in place during vehicle movement.
  • Airflow Design: Specifically created to provide sufficient airflow around the radio for cooling, essential for maintaining the radio's performance and longevity.

Compatible With:

  • TM9000
  • TM8000
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