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Motorola DP1400 Li-Ion 1600mAh Battery

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Brand Code: PMNN4253AR
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The Motorola PMNN4253AR is a genuine lithium-ion battery designed to offer superior performance and reliability for specific Motorola two-way radios. This 1600mAh battery is engineered to provide extended power and efficient recharging capabilities, ensuring that your devices are ready for action whenever you need them. Its robust design and Motorola's quality assurance guarantee that it meets the high standards expected from a leading brand in communication technology.

Key Features:

  • Weight: Approximately 147g
  • Chemistry: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Capacity: 1600mAh (Typical)
  • Intelligent: No
  • Intrinsic Safety Standard: No

Compatible With:

  • DP1400