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Motorola Digital In-dash Mounting Kit For DM4400e

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Brand Code: RLN6465A
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The Motorola RLN6465, also known as the RLN6465A, is an in-dash mounting kit designed to integrate Motorola two-way radios seamlessly into a vehicle's dashboard. This kit provides a sleek, unobtrusive installation option, enhancing the appearance of the radio within the vehicle and ensuring it does not obstruct any controls or visibility.

Key Features:

  • Dashboard Integration: Offers a clean, professional installation directly into the dashboard.
  • Compatibility: Designed to fit Motorola XPR 5350 and XPR 5550 radio models.
  • Unobstructive Design: Keeps the radio from becoming an obstruction in the vehicle.

This mounting kit is suitable for users who prefer a fixed radio position that blends with the vehicle's interior.