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Kenwood NX2000 2000 mAH Li-ion Battery

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Brand: Kenwood
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Brand Code: KNB-45L
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The Kenwood KNB-45L is a premium lithium-ion battery designed to deliver exceptional performance for Kenwood radio users. With its advanced technology, this battery provides a reliable and high-capacity power source, ensuring that your communications are uninterrupted and clear, no matter the operation.

Key Features:

  • Extended Operation: Offers consistent power to keep your Kenwood devices running smoothly for prolonged periods.
  • Energy-Dense Cells: High-capacity lithium-ion technology enables longer use between charges, optimising operational efficiency.
  • Rapid Recharging: Fast charging reduces wait times, quickly getting you back to full power and operational readiness.
  • Rugged Reliability: Constructed to endure tough conditions, the KNB-45L is built for durability and safety in various environments.
  • Designed for Kenwood: Tailor-made for compatibility with Kenwood radios, providing a seamless fit and function.

The KNB-45L isn't just a battery; it's a crucial part of your communication toolkit, ensuring you're always connected when it counts.