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Kenwood NX-1200DE3 DMR VHF Handheld Two Way Radio

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Frequency: VHF
Charger Required: No
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Kenwood's entry-level two-way radio solution harnesses the latest digital protocals - DMR or NXDN - for optimum business efficiency. The NX-1200DE3 is a VHF model featuring automatic analogue or digital mixed mode operation for seamless integration with older radios, easing the path to a fully digital migration. 

Emergency and lone worker features on Kenwood's NX-1200DE3 radio help improve worker safety, and you'll also appreciate up to 64 channels, Kenwood's exceptional audio quality and long battery life.

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    Key Features: 

    • TDMA 2-slot 12.5 kHz Bandwidth equivalent to 6.25 kHz very narrow bandwith
    • Complies with ETSI DMR Standard TS 102 361-1, -2 & -3
    • Operates in DMR Digital and FM Analogue modes, even on the same channel. Autosenses Received Mode (Digital or Analogue)
    • 5-Tone Encode/Decode
    • Voice Guide Function
    • MIL STD 810 G and IP54/55

    Package Includes

    • Kenwood NX-1200DE2 UHF Handheld Radio
    • KNB-45L Li-Ion Battery
    • Antenna
    • KBH-10 Belt Clip


    Optimized Communication

    The Kenwood NX-1200DE2 enhances communication efficiency with its TDMA 2-slot technology, which doubles the channel capacity within a 12.5 kHz bandwidth, effectively creating a very narrow bandwidth equivalent to 6.25 kHz. This device operates seamlessly between DMR Digital and FM Analogue modes on the same channel and intelligently auto-detects the received mode, ensuring smooth transitions and continuous communication.

    Kenwood NX-1200DE2




    • Technology

      Analogue and Digital
    • Weight

      295 g
    • Ip rating

    • Standard battery

      2000 mAh Li-ion
    • Channel capacity

    • Length

      54 mm
    • Width

      123 mm
    • Height

      33.5 mm

    Kenwood NX-1200DE2

    Standard Package Includes

    • Antenna

    • 2000mAh Li-Ion Battery

    • Belt Clip