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Kenwood NX-1000 Rapid Charger Li-Ion + NiMH

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Introducing the Kenwood KSC-43T, a single-way rapid charger designed to keep your communication consistent and efficient. This charger, tailored for the UK market, supports a range of Kenwood battery models, ensuring your devices are always ready for action. It’s a replacement for the KSC-31 charger, reflecting Kenwood’s commitment to innovation and user needs.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Charging: Ensures quick turnaround for Kenwood batteries, keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • Wide Compatibility: Recharges a variety of batteries including KNB-29N, KNB-45L, and several others.
  • Practical Design: Compact and lightweight, the cradle unit is designed for ease of use and portability.
  • Operational Flexibility: Works within a broad operating temperature range and variable A.C. voltage.

Whether for personal use or team operations, the Kenwood KSC-43T is your go-to choice for reliable battery charging.