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Hytera BD615 Belt Clip

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Brand: Hytera
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The Hytera BC08 is a practical accessory designed for optimal radio security and ease of use. This durable plastic belt clip is complemented by an elastic metal bracket, ensuring that your radio remains securely fastened to your person at all times. The clip is attached via a screw, which provides a firm and reliable hold, making it an ideal choice for professionals in various fields who require their communication devices to be readily accessible.

Key Features:

  • Secure Fixing: Elastic metal bracket with screw attachment for a dependable hold.
  • Convenient Carry: Designed for ease of radio wearing and carrying.
  • Durable Material: Robust plastic construction to withstand daily use.
  • Compact Design: Measuring 81.82*37.10mm, it provides a snug fit without added bulk.

With the BC08, Hytera offers a bespoke solution that enhances the portability and accessibility of your communication device without compromising on reliability or ease of use​.