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Crawer Headlight Unit Universal For Various Vehicles - CR-3015/3016

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The Crawer CR-3015 / CR-3016 is a universal fit headlight set for various vehicles. This set has the added advantage of also including a direction indicator. 

These units provide low beam, high beam, parking light, and direction indicator functions. Housed in powder-coated aluminium with a polycarbonate finish, they're built for longevity with a lifespan of over 30,000 hours and an IP67 rating for dust and immersion proofing.

The lights emit a cold white beam at 6000K, delivering excellent illumination across all functions. Equipped with a 6-pin Deutsch DT connector, these headlights are universally adaptable, further enhanced with CISPR class 4 EMC Radio suppression and comprehensive E-marking.

Key Features

  • This SET includes 1 x Left Headlight and 1 x Right Headlight
  • Low Beam, High Beam and City Function with Indicator
  • Housing: Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Polycarbonate Lamp Finish
  • 6 Pin Cable, 2 Meters, Deutsch DT 6 pin Connector Included
  • Universal Type
  • 30,000 + Years Lifespan
  • IP67 Rated
  • CISPR Class 4
  • E-Marking, R112, R10, R7, R6

Technical Features

  • Low Beam Intensity: 1120 Lumens
  • High Beam Intensity: 1510 Lumens
  • City Beam Intensity: 112 Lumen
  • Indicator Intensity: 231 Lumen
  • Cold White Colour
  • 6000K Colour Temperature
  • 18 Watt Dipped Beam
  • 30 Watt High Beam
  • 4 Watt City Beam
  • 5 Watt Directional Indicator
  • 9-32 Volt


  • Width 244.8mm
  • Height 111.4mm
  • Depth 118.8mm