Collection: IC-F6130D Key Features

  • Frequency Ranges: 400–520 MHz
  • RF Output Power: 25 W
  • Channels/Zones: 128 Channels / 8 Zones
  • Display: High contrast LCD with an eight-character alphanumeric display
  • Durability: MIL-STD-810 G compliance
  • GPS Position Display: With an external GPS
  • Digital Voice Scrambler: Yes
  • Emergency Functionality: Yes
  • Scan Functions: Features up to 17 programmable scan lists with priority and voting scan options.

Why Use Two Way Radios

  • UK Farmer with Radio

    Immediate Communication

    Two-way radios provide instant communication with the push of a button, which is crucial in time-sensitive situations common in farming operations, such as co-ordinating tasks across vast fields or handling emergencies.

  • muddy radio

    Durability and Range

    Farming environments can be tough on equipment. Two-way radios are
    designed to be rugged and offer a long range of communication, unaffected by areas with poor mobile phone reception. More importantly two way radios are now improving and newer handhelds are often IP67 / IP68 rated.

  • costeffective


    Unlike mobile phones, two-way radios do not require a monthly service fee, making them a cost-effective solution for ongoing communication needs. Additionally, they can communicate with multiple users at once, which is more efficient than dialing individual phone numbers.